Cash Buster Towers

Cash buster towers is a unique online game created by IWG, who are well known for bringing many leading slot games to market. The instant win game consists of six towers of bricks, and the player objective is to bust the towers to win a cash prize.

The game has a simple design, which consists of the six tower blocks, each with a cash prize resting on top. Cash Buster towers can be played with stakes as low as 20p a game, and it’s exceptionally easy to choose your stakes, with the + and – buttons. If you play at the maximum stake of £5 for the game, you could potentially win £50,000.

How to play

Cash Buster Towers is a very straight forward game, and has a very simple objective to win. The first step is to decide upon your bet limit, which can be anything from 20p to the £5 maximum. The cash prizes at stake can be viewed upon the peaks of the cash towers. These amounts will fluctuate as you change your bet amount. Once your total bet amount has been decided, simply click the spin button.

At the bottom of the towers, there are six boxes, each shall have a question mark within it. Once you’ve clicked the spin button, these will spin like a reel and a number or a symbol will be displayed in each one. If for example, the number five is revealed beneath tower one, then five blocks on that tower will be smashed.

In each game, a single bet gets you a total of five spins, so you keep spinning in the hope you “bust” a tower and win. On the right of the screen, you will see four stars, and four arrows and five circles, these are the mini bonus games. If a star or an arrow or a circle lands in one of the boxes, then these will be illuminated. Once all four stars, or all four arrows been illuminated, a bonus game will be activated. In the circles game, it is a case of illuminating them until you get to the cash prize circles.

If you’re lucky, the box may reveal one of the two instant win prize amounts.

Repeat play

If you have come close to a win, you can opt for repeat play and buy a single spin in the hope of busting that tower. If you don’t wish to, you can simply click the reset button and start a brand new game instead.

Bonus games

If you activate the star bonus, you’ll be presented with eight possible outcomes, which are all covered and mixed up. These can be anything from extra symbols, instant cash wins or free spins. Simply click one of the tiles to find out what you have won.

In the arrow bonus, you are presented with a wheel of fortune with multiple offerings. The two instant win cash prizes (displayed on the right) are up for grabs, plus extra symbols and free spins. Click spin to spin the wheel and find out what your prize will be.

Cash Buster Towers
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