Crossword Cash

Crossword cash is an instant win online game, created by one of the leading gaming operators, IWG. The Crossword cash game gives players a chance to win up to £30,000 in real money. One of the main appeals to this game is how quickly the game turnaround is, meaning you don’t have to wait around.


Not too surprisingly, the crossword cash game is set out with a unique crossword grid background in light and dark green colours. There is a main grid in the center and a prize table on the right, the prizes will adjust based on your bet amount. On the left hand side, you shall see 18 tiles with question marks on them, these are “your letters”.

How to play

The Crossword cash game is extremely easy to play, first of all you need to establish how much you would like to bet. The minimum bet amount per game starts at just 20p, and goes up to a maximum of £5. Simply click the plus or minus arrows until you get the bet amount you want, and press play. As you adjust your bet amount, you will see the win amounts on the prize table will change also. Once you press play, a traditional grid that resembles a crossword puzzle will appear, bearing 18 words. At the top you will be presented with a button with “reveal all” upon it. Once this is clicked, the 18 tiles on the left shall be revealed, and they will display 18 letters. Any letters that you have on the 18 your letter tiles shall be illuminated on the words on crossword grid. The aim is that you form complete words, i.e all the letters in a single word are illuminated. In order to win money, you need to get a minimum of 3 words altogether, as displayed on the prize table. If you are very lucky and you match 10 words, you win the jackpot. If you stake £5 in a game, matching 10 words in total would gain you the £30,000 maximum.

Crossword Cash
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