Rank up dragon

Rank up dragon slot is a Chinese themed online slot, created by Rising Entertainment. The slot is set within a majestic Chinese tower background with two golden dragons breathing over the reels.

How to play

Rank up dragon is a very user friendly slot, with minimum total bet stakes of just 50p. It’s very easy to control your bet amount thanks to the plus and minus symbol on the right. There are fifty pay lines in play, which cannot be adjusted as with some other slots. If you wish to learn what the paylines are, you can access this from within the info section in the game itself. To win, you simply need a minimum of three matching symbols, the amount you win differs depending on the symbols. If you also wish to learn the potential win amount per winning combination, this can also be found within the info section.

Rank up Feature

It is the rank up feature that the game predictably gets its name from. During a free spin round, you will notice a mini reel is also spinning. If this mini reel happens to stop on a red dragon, the dragon will breath fire across the reels. The lowest ranking symbols on the reel will all be increased to the next symbol up, increasing your win probabilities.

Free Game Feature

If you are fortunate enough to land either 3, 4 or 5 scatter symbols during a game, you’ll activate the free spins feature. You’ll receive eight free spins if you get three scratter symbols. If you reel in four symbols, this will gain you fifteen free spins. However, if you are lucky enough to get five scatter symbols, you’ll be awarded a huge thirty free spins.

If that wasn’t enough, you may be happy to learn that the free game feature can be triggered again during free games. Also, three, eight, fifteen or thirty free spins will be awarded if you get two, three, four or five scatter symbols during any free spin.

Scatter Chance

If the Chinese symbol happens to appear upon reels one and two, or reels three and four, the remaining reels will display two scatter symbols. The Chinese symbols will be removed from the reels they were on, and will spin at random. Hopefully, one of the two spinning reels will land another scatter symbol, thus triggering the free game feature.

Symbols on Fire

During game play, there may be a ball of fire symbol on up to five of the reels. The balls of fire will disappear and be replaced by a wild symbol or a scatter symbol, at random.

Rank up dragon
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