Live Casinos

If you are partial to heading out to a land based casino to play live table games, you may wish to reconsider your options. If you love playing live roulette and live blackjack at real casinos, then you will surely love the Super Fortunes live casino experience. In time gone by, if a player wished to play at a casino, it involved venturing out to a land based casino. That all changed when online gaming came onto the scene. However, playing online came with limitations as it usually meant playing random number generated versions of games.

As the years have gone by, we have seen huge advancements in technology and broadband consumption, and you can now play at live casinos online, complete with real dealers. How it works is, there are custom built casino gaming studios around the world complete with real gaming tables. The studio is run in the same way as a real life land casino would be, only nobody can visit them. The live casino gaming action is delivered to your screens via high quality, high definition audio and video streams.

How does it work?

In terms of technology and delivery, there are real life, custom built land based casino studios, in different parts of the world. In these studios there are multiple roulette tables, blackjack tables and casino hold 'em tables. It truly is almost identical to a real life casino in every way, with no detail overlooked. The tables all have a high quality video camera, and a microphone for the dealer to wear. In the case of the card games, each card has a bar code upon it, and passes over a scanner as it is dealt, this allows the software to know what hands you have etc. In terms of the live roulette, sensors upon the roulette wheel detect which number the ball lands upon, in order to ascertain the outcome and who wins and who does not.

The act of choosing and playing a game in the live casino is very straightforward. On Super Fortunes you will see a "live dealer" section where you choose your games, click the play symbol on your game of choice. Once that is done, you'll go to a lobby area, this will show several tables. The gaming tables all have different bet limits displayed. It is up to you to decide what your desired limits are and thus which table to play on. Once you have a seat at a gaming table, you simply click to place a real money bet in a designated betting box. The rest of the gaming experience is almost the same as you'd receive in a land based casino.

If you wish to, you can interact with your dealer using the chat facility. This is quite easy to find as it's normally a simple speech bubble symbol. The chat feature is also useful if you encounter any issues as you can use it to contact the game support. If you are feeling really social, you can even use this as a way of interacting with your fellow players.

The dealers

One thing that will be noticeable right from the start, is how friendly the dealers are. Immediately upon taking your seat at a table, the dealer will be notified of your presence and give you a warm welcome. If you wish to, you can then speak back to them using the chat facility. It may be the case that some dealers are more chatty than others, and some appear more focused.

The dealers are always very well turned out, the ladies are often in very stylish dresses and the gentlemen tend to opt for trousers, waistcoats, shirt and dickie bow. If you have a query regarding the game before you have even begun playing, you'll usually find the dealer can assist. A simple message or question via the chat window and he or she will usually endeavor to help.

Bonus offers

It's no secret that online casinos love to give out bonuses, and there are usually good live casino bonuses to be claimed too. They can range from a standard deposit bonus, through to a cashback promotion, or even a loyalty scheme. These change frequently so it is always worth keeping an eye on our promotions area. If you receive a deposit bonus, you may find that unlike the standard random number generated casinos, play on live casino blackjack counts towards your wagering requirements.

Live Casino Games

The most common offerings of live casino operators are live roulette, live blackjack, live baccarat and sometimes, poker.

Live Roulette - Roulette is by far a casino favorite of many, in all areas of the world, particularly the U.K. Roulette players place bets on outcomes such as numbers, red or black, odd or even etc. There are a total of thirty six numbers for you to choose from and half of them are black and half are red. The number zero is unique for being the only green colored number on the wheel. The dealer spins a wheel once betting time is complete, and the ball will land upon one single number. The odds for each outcome are different, for example if the odds per number is 36-1, the odds for black or red are 2-1.

Live Blackjack - Blackjack is by far the most common card game and the favorite of most too. It's possibly one of the easiest to play and thus the most popular. It involves placing a bet in a designated bet circle and being dealt two cards. The two cards you receive will both be facing upwards, the dealer will receive a single card, which will also face up. The ultimate objective is to get twenty one or as near to twenty one as you can, without going bust. If you manage to achieve twenty one with two cards, i.e a ten and an ace, this is known as Blackjack, and the highest achievable hand.

Safety, Trust and Security

If you play live casino online games you can do so with complete confidence, as the security and fairness process is very rigorous. The dealers are all security checked before and after every session and the equipment is regularly tested and monitored to ensure fairness and randomness at all times. All of the gaming tables are actively monitored by a pit boss team. The pit boss team watches each game very carefully to ensure the software is working as it should be, and that no mistakes are made either by technology or through human error. If something as seemingly trivial as a roulette ball or a card falls on the floor, the dealers are not authorized to pick it up. In this instance, they have to ask for the pit boss team to retrieve the card or ball for them. This and many other practices demonstrate the commitment to a fair and secure and trustworthy gaming environment for all.

Mobile Live Casinos

If the live casino offering wasn't enough on its own, it has even gone on to make further advances. Thanks to the growth of mobile 4 g technology and the abundance of wireless internet and the emerging 5 g, live casino is now playable on mobile devices. It doesn't require an app to be downloaded, simply login to your Super Fortunes account and open a live casino table as you would with desktop.

In order to play the games on your phone, you will need to have the screen rotate option enabled and play with your phone on its side. The game play is pretty much the same, however there are certain limitations with the mobile version, in that its not quite as easy to chat. It can also be enjoyed on a table device as well, which is equally as convenient and enjoyable.


If you are seeking a real life casino experience, from the comfort of your own home, then you should definitely give the Super Fortunes live casino a try.