Online Roulette

If you like playing online from the comfort of your own home without having to make your way to a land-based casino, then online roulette is the game for you. The rules are the same as they are at traditional casinos unless you opt to try a different variant to mix things up.

The great thing about roulette on an online platform is that you can also play it on mobile or tablet for your convenience. The likelihood is that you will be familiar with roulette in your everyday life – but this provides you with a different kind of experience.

We provide you with some great roulette options to choose from. This includes the more traditional style roulette, to Live Roulette, and Ra Roulette – all with great graphics and animations for the best experience possible.

Enjoy Lots of Roulette Fun Online

If you like to try classic games with a twist, then you can’t go wrong with Super Fortunes. In terms of gameplay – you will most likely be familiar with the premise but just in case you are an online roulette newbie, we’ve included some info as to how it works.

Basic Roulette Rules

Roulette is a game which features a large wheel and has 37 different pockets unless it’s American Roulette in which case it has 38. The pockets are numbered 0-36, and in American Roulette, there is also a 00. You will find that they are all coloured, so there are 18 red pockets, and 18 black pockets. The 0 and 00 pockets are green.

Your job is to place a bet before a spin takes place. Once the bets are placed, the dealer will spin the ball on the outer rim of the wheel – and it will fall into one pocket eventually. You need to guess the number the ball will land on. There are various other betting options such as betting on a colour, betting on whether the number is odd or even, a group of numbers or you could bet on 00.

Once the ball has fallen into the pocket, the winning number and colour will be confirmed, and you will be paid out if necessary.

Roulette Strategy

If you don’t like to place bets that are too risky, then you probably won’t want to go for an inside bet as this has the lowest chance of you winning. The probability can vary slightly depending on the variation of roulette you are playing, but the best odds are betting on: red or black, odd or even, low or high. The odds on this are usually around 49%. The lowest success rate is a single number (also known as a straight) – where the probability is around 2.7%.

Now you know the basics of online roulette – why don’t you give it a try at Super Fortunes? We have some top options for you to choose from that are perfect for new and seasoned players alike.